Between October and December 2016, Will McCreadie and George Parry are kayaking the 2000 miles from Grenada to Miami.


The are  raising funds for the Get Exploring Trust. Track their progress here: http://www.getexploringtrust.com/ga-expedition/

GET is a grant making trust that aims to inspire people from all backgrounds to get into the outdoors, to test themselves in different environments, and to push their limits. 

Celtic Paddles are proud sponsors of the Get Exploring Trust and have supplied paddles to Will and George who are putting the paddles to the ultimate challenge.  Will and George are paddling with Celtic Pro 4 piece paddles.  Both are using our Pro 650 - Carbon composite Sea Touring blades on Straight carbon composite shafts fitted with adjustable Nylon Leverlok centre joints.   In addition, Will and George are carrying 4 Piece paddles with 650 Nylon Blades as their emergency spares.  GET

The boys have reported on their blog; "Particularly amazing over the past few days have been our Celtic Pro Sea and Touring 650 Paddles. They are super lightweight, efficient and powerful... we will post a few videos of our kit, equipment etc. over the next few weeks"