4 piece paddles make traveling with your favourite paddles easy. No need to find an extra long case to put them in, you can take them as your carry on item directly onto the plane.

I’m just back from USA these pics are from an internal flight. Carry on wheeled cases were not permitted due to them not fitting in the overhead bins as the planes are the just small ones. Takin my paddles on the plane was not a problem. My paddle bag contains 2 full sets of paddles.

The pictures show the paddles on 2 flights. One from Savannah to Charleston and the other showing the paddle made up into splits whilst on the plane into Rhode Island with thanks to the lady sitting next to me to hold them up while I photographed!

It was a great conversation starter!

What’s in that paddle bag?
2 x narrow shafts 200 - 204cm
1 x carbon blade set Kinetik 650
1 x carbon blade set Archipelago.
2 x paddlok keys.

paddles on plane 1

paddles on a chair