Through the winter months Adventurous Experiences run the Junior Kayak School, an indoor course which fits into the British Canoe Union (BCU) system. Certificated Paddle Power and Cross Stream Challenge Awards (when students are suitable ready), are delivered as part of program.

The Junior Kayak School has been successfully running on the Isle of Man now for 12 months with 30 - 40 students aged between 7 and 14 regularly participating over 4 sessions on a Saturday afternoon.

As part of our philosophy of guaranteeing the provision of high quality outdoor education experiences on the Isle of Man, we believe that the equipment used is an important contributor to accelerating the learning curve of our students.

Because of this we felt it was essential that we start with the correct paddles for our young students from day 1. Celtic paddles were able to meet our needs with the Junior Classic paddle range which we introduced from the start of this program.

Our students will be progressing out onto the sea this summer and we look forward to continue to use Celtic paddles as part of that experience.

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