Greg Paquin: Kayak Waveology. BCU North America Coach. Celtic paddle choice. Pro Range: 700 blades, 2 piece, 208 -218 CM Crank Shaft.

I use Celtic paddles because it's a tool I can trust when the going get's tough. I play hard in the surf and in tide races in my back yard and in many parts of the world. So Celtic paddles to me have the right balance between strength, flexibility, and weight. The strength part is that the paddles hold up to the pressures applied in a muilt-directional way and heaviest use would be surfing in Tide Races and Over Falls. The 700 blade shape has the bite of a piranha, but I can wind mill the blades in the races to catch the waves I want to be on.

The weight, well a little swing weight is good for forward momentum and balanced with lightness, I can paddle all day and multiday with Celtic paddles no problem. Flexibility in the shafts, well that's the secret.

I'm a fan of the Celtic modified crank shafts for two main reasons. One being the crank handle shape in my hand allows me to lesson my grip on the shaft in tricky maneuvers and control the blade accurately when it counts without over stressing my forearm tendons. The rolled shafts Carbon Kevlar construction also creates an even flex throughout the shafts length, which spreads out stresses on the shaft and prevents isolated flex and stress points that could cause a failure at the worst moment. I had used the old Scottish Lendal blade's for many years, and still have some in my quiver. But over the years these had stressed and created some tendon damage in my forearms. Since I had taken to the Celtic paddles my tendon problems have seemed to have disappeared for good. So the power to flex ratio of the Celtic paddles Pro Range has kept me going and going for many years to come.

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