4 piece paddles make traveling with your favourite paddles easy. No need to find an extra long case to put them in, you can take them as your carry on item directly onto the plane.

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Huge Congratulations to Ewen Arkison for winning the Masters IC British championships. Sponsored Celtic paddles paddler Ewen used his Celtic Reed blades to secure this fantastic win. Well done Ewen from all of us at Celtic Paddles.

I'm writing you because I'm really proud of Rene Valner.

Rene is Advanced Sea Leader and coach, founder of Sea Kayaking Estonia and SKUK dealer since 2009.

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Ashley is on her way to Bergen with my new 3 piece Pilgrim Expedition and Celtic Paddles.

She is looking forward to paddling for two months along the coast of Norway. See where the weather will takes her.

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Jeff Atkins had some fun messing about on boats at the East Coast Kayak Symposium in Charleston, SC this past weekend.

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The expedition was featured in the March edition of The Paddler Ezine.

You can read all about it here.

Greg Paquin is a BC Coach, owner of Kayak Waveology, USA and an ISKGA Advanced Guide


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 Finals of the Masters International Class at the Rest' Festival on Sunday.

These three well built, finely tuned, strong and good looking specimens made it through to the Finals of the Masters International Class at the Rest' Festival on Sunday.

That's enough about the Celtic paddles!

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Lendal Paddle

Please note that 4pc Celtic Paddles are not available for delivery in North America until the end of our agreement with Lendalna who are based in the US.

Operations Manager role at Adventurous Experiences. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your CV and covering letter.

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Inside William McCreadie and George Parry's 'Golden Arc' trans-Caribbean sea kayak expedition

When they launched their Seaward Passat tandem sea kayak in Grenada on September 26, Brits William McCreadie and George Parry each had barely a week of paddling experience. McCreadie, 21, and Parry, 22, are university students in the UK, and founders of the Get Exploring Trust, a nonprofit that promotes outdoor adventure as a means of character-building.

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We are pleased to announce our new updated Webstore has been launched.  Follow the Buy online links to visit the new store.  Custom paddle options can be detailed on most of the paddles listed online.



Article: Kath McNulty

It is 3:30am, Franco’s watch should have ended an hour and a half ago. We have just finished hauling the drogue back in, heavy work. We deployed it during the hours of darkness, to slow Caramor down, hoping to drift at the same speed as the icebergs, they are all around us, invisible in the thick fog. He sits on the bench, hardly able to keep his eyes open, I’m not sure he even knows his name anymore.

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Between October and December 2016, Will McCreadie and George Parry are kayaking the 2000 miles from Grenada to Miami.

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Sunday and a big tide saw Eila Wilkinson take the Pulse out for quite a long non stop paddle.
Starting at Rhoscolyn, 12 hours 18 mins later she landed, a little the worse for wear, back at Rhoscolyn. Eila's 3rd non stop trip around the Isle of Anglesey.
This is Eila's trip report.

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A woman's attempt to become the first person to swim non-stop around Anglesey has been called off after she was stung by jellyfish.

Liane Llewellyn Hickling, 34, from Bradford, was pulled out of the water in the Menai Strait on Wednesday night.

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This summer, between the 18th to 21st of August, Liane Llewellyn Hickling will be attempting something that has never been done before; a solo non-stop swim around Anglesey in North Wales.

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Yosdale Dror, Product Manager of Motionize, travelled all the way from Isreal to meet up with Nigel Dennis & Eila Wilkinson to run the first ever trail coaching session they have been eager to deliver in Holyhead.

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Huge congratulations to Liane who circumnavigated the island in 4 hours and 6 minutes.

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Adventurous Experiences, powered by Celtic Paddles, posted this video of an evening Sea Kayak Trip off Peel on the West Coast of the Isle of Man where they encourntered an amazing 25ft Basking Shark.

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