Paddle Length

Your choice of paddle length will depend on your height, width of kayak and paddle style. A longer paddle will have smaller blades and a slower cadence, shorter paddles can have larger blades and allow a quicker cadence.  Leverlok Paddles allow you to adjust your blade length according to the water conditions, shorter to increase stroke rate (cadence) or longer for more relaxed paddling.

Shaft Choice

Straight or cranked. Straight paddles are lighter, can be offered as narrow or standard diameter. A straight shaft will allow the paddler to change their hand position on the shaft. Cranks should be easier on wrists and tendons but they do not suit everyone and you have to grip the shaft in a set position. 

Choice of blade design and area.

For touring you need a blade size that will enable you to maintain an efficient stroke throughout the day. Larger blades are more often used for paddling in surf and tidal races. 
Our core blade design the Kinetik Touring blade come in the following sizes:

  • 700 sq cm Large
  • 650 sq cm Small
  • 600 sq cm Extra Small

The Kinetik touring paddle offers superior boat control performance

Addition blade options


  • Nordkapp - a large expedition and touring paddle with a softer catch when compared to the Kinetik Touring design
  • Archipelago - a slender touring and leisure paddle


  • Reef - From our Surf & Whitewater range, with the same blade characteristics  as our Sea Touring Blades, the Reef is our choice of blade for Surf
  • Kinetik Power - From our Whitewater range the Kinetik Power cut from a Sea Touring blank, at 48.5cm is slightly shorter in length


Shafts: Carbon shafts are stiff and strong. 3pc shafts are an option if you need more flex. 

Blades: Carbon blades are the stiffest and lightest.

N12 (Nylon) is recommended for club and centre use. It is also ideal for rock hopping.  Strong and extremely tough.

Glass Polymer (SF) is a light plastic blade, a little more flex than N12 and great entry level option.

4pc, 3pc, 2pc or 1pc 

3pc paddles offer more flex then splits but still give you the option of breaking the paddle down for transport and interchanging blades.

2pc allows the paddler to split the paddle which can be carried on the deck as a spare.  Provides the option of adjusting feather angle and allows for easy transport.

4pc are the most versatile option, as per the 2pc but the 4pc paddle can be broken down further for ease of transportation and has the facility of interchanging blade size and shape.  With the Paddlok joint blades are as rock solid and firm as any 2pc or 1 pc paddle.


A choice of joints enable the paddler to decide on an adjustable paddle in length, feather and break apart paddles. The choice is as per the following:

  • The LeverLok, this offers 10cm of adjustment and feather adjustment, available as either a Nylon or Alloy LeverLok
  • The Vari paddlok Joint, offers 4cm of adjustment and  with the Switchlok joint offers feather adjustment
  • Paddlok joint - rock solid joint for attaching paddle blades or as a solid and fuss free joint for splits.

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