The Paddlok system is unique to Celtic and Lendal paddle and protected by Patent.  The Paddlok system enables superior quality breakdown paddles that meet the high standards expected from the paddling fraternity.  The heart of the Paddlok system is the Paddlok button itself.  It does not function as a traditional snap button in other inferior paddles.  The Paddlok button works like a miniature jack, when the key is tightened the male portion of the joint is expanded forming a rock solid, reliable joint that gives Celtic/Lendal paddles a rock solid one piece paddle feel.

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The Celtic Pro Range: This range is designed for the Intermediate to Advanced paddler who wants a strong light paddle. These are manufactured from straight or cranked carbon shafts with Carbon Blades.

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Paddle Length

Your choice of paddle length will depend on your height, width of kayak and paddle style. A longer paddle will have smaller blades and a slower cadence, shorter paddles can have larger blades and allow a quicker cadence.  Leverlok Paddles allow you to adjust your blade length according to the water conditions, shorter to increase stroke rate (cadence) or longer for more relaxed paddling.

Shaft Choice

Straight or cranked. Straight paddles are lighter, can be offered as narrow or standard diameter. A straight shaft will allow the paddler to change their hand position on the shaft. Cranks should be easier on wrists and tendons but they do not suit everyone and you have to grip the shaft in a set position. 

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